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Kitchen Design Network #hpmkt2016

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📷And #repost from @giulianodesigns and @scottkoehler. We're just back from #hpmkt and wanted to thank our guests and our luncheon presenter speaker Stacy of @dunesandduchess for providing such a personal and relevant presentations and amazing #kitchen imagery from partner @mpproductions The #styling ideas provided useful nuggets of info to take back to our everyday practices to use. We're so lucky to have you to work with on our projects. We'd also like to thank our #kitchendesign Roundtable guests for their valuable time and industry #expertise @scottkoehler @indetailsays @reginagarciadesign @justinshaulis @tracizeller @thompsontraders @giulianodesigns and #davidpeer We look forward to more lively discussions in the future.

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